Duck and Cover!
Love n beauty shock, or... the big kiss off.

Venus Star Power!

Before Venus can really do any damage, she's first got to transform! Below are her three henshin (transformation) phrases.

Venus Power, Makeup!
Venus Star Power, Makeup!
Venus Crystal Power, Makeup!

Crescent Beam
Venus' first attack, which she uses to save the Senshi in her first appearance. Two crescent beams form and she lifts her arm to touch them, the "camera" pulls back and a singular beam comes flying out.

Crescent Beam Shower
Much like the above, except instead of one ray of light, hundreds of rays shoot out to attack the enemy.

Random Crescent Beam
Also like the Crescent Beam, but instead this is one concentrated beam that Venus uses as she turns and pretty much anything in the beam's path is destroyed. Nifty!

venus love me chain! Venus Love Me Chain-
Venus' most useful attack in that it can also be used as just a regular chain/rope to encircle people, pull them up, etc. Tiny golden hearts form a long chain to which Venus can either snare them in the chain, or just toast 'em.

venus love and beauty shock! Love and Beauty Shock-
Perhaps the silliest to explain, but the most interesting to watch. Basically Venus blows a heart shaped kiss that destroys her enemy, assuming it works right. But it's still great fun to watch.


So now you know what the anime attacks are like, but do you know their manga counterparts?

Venus Power, Makeup!
Venus Star Power, Makeup!
Venus Crystal Power, Makeup!
Venus Planet, Power, Makeup!
Crescent Boomerang
The attack that introduces SailorVenus into the Manga. She saves Sailor Moon from Zoicite's attack and kills him. Impressive for her first appearance, no?
Crescent Beam/Crescent Beam Shower
Think anime people, just less colorful.
Venus Love Me Chain
Again, think anime, just less colorful. Or more colorful if you're really creative. The chain also gets worn around Venus' waist and is kept rather handy for much of the series. It's more useful in the manga actually.

rolling heart vibration! Rolling Heart Vibration!
A heart that Venus forms, and then throws towards her opponent. It's quite nifty, which you will see if you click the picture to your left. Click. Click now!


proving the manga kicks ass over the anime. kill that evil wench, venus! Venus Wink Chain Sword
The stone sword from the moon that Venus uses to kill Beryl and show off in various manga pictures. Because Venus is cool like that. ^^


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